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Fed up with with pain sabotaging your fitness goals?

5 Reasons Why Your Pain Doesn't Go Away



I help people who want to feel in control of their bodies, to build strength, flexibility and stamina so they feel confident, move through life freely and are empowered to do the things they love most, whether it’s playing sport, long hikes with friends or keeping up with (grand)children.


Experience the benefits of training with me with three sessions tailored to your specific goals and current level of mobility and fitness. I aim to challenge you within your comfort levels and start you on a journey to feel stronger and more supple, so you can move through life freely and continue to do the things you love most. 

Whether you are an everyday athlete trying to recover from or mitigate risk of injury, busy mum trying to get back into fitness after having children, or simply someone who started experiencing aches and pains and seeks to improve their mobility, my mission is to make you feel great in your body because I believe it is never too late to build a body that serves you well.



I had been wanting to do Pilates for ages but tried a class at a gym and was put off by not really knowing what to do. I found out about Monika and when we chatted she was so approachable and eager to help me get to love Pilates that I jumped in. A few 1 - 1 sessions allowed me to understand Pilates and I could very quickly see how, with Monika listening to my concerns, I could work on problem areas but also protect previously injured areas. I feel stronger, am very conscious about posture and am now more active than I was before enjoying Monika's classes with a friend. If you're unsure about Pilates or just need some reassurance, then Monika must be your first port of call!

Kerrin M, Bookham



My Pilates journey started as a result of repetitive injuries from high impact exercise, which made me realise the importance of strength training for expanding health span and injury risk mitigation. Pilates is a perfect workout combining full-body strengthening and conditioning with improved flexibility. I am on a mission to make people feel great in their bodies and stay injury-free for as long as possible.

I want my clients to feel confident and in control of their bodies so they are empowered to do the things they love for as long as possible. Whether it’s running marathons into their 80’, enjoying a game of golf with friends or keeping up with grandchildren.

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