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Low impact strength and flexibility training to rebuild your core, improve posture and increase range of movement. A perfect cross training option for amateur athletes or those coming back to fitness after a break. Offering private and small group classes in and around Bookham, Surrey and Zoom classes for those who like to exercise bright and early.

Yoga Mats


The Ultimate Cross-Training Method

  • Core Strength - Not Just Abdominals!

  • Improved Posture = Better Form When Performing Various Sports

  • Increased Flexibility

  • Better Balance

  • Less Back Pain

  • Pelvic Floor Strengthening

  • Faster Recovery for Athletes

  • Stronger Foot/Ankle Complex

  • Great for Injury Prevention

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My Pilates journey started as a result of repetitive injuries from high impact exercise. Pilates is the perfect cross-training option for any athlete, combining strengthening and conditioning of the body with improved flexibility and range of movement. The precision required to correctly perform the exercise, demands concentration and mental multitasking. Even when you think you have mastered the movement, there is always room for improvement, leading to increased body awareness. I love working with runners, cyclists, golfers and other amateur athletes, alongside family-life juggling mums to help strengthen their core, improve posture, prevent injuries and ultimately excel in their performance.




Pick the time that suits you


Practice at  your own home. No travel and/or childcare


Learn fundamentals before progressing to more advanced exercises


Program tailored to your specific problem areas


Exploring new movement patterns and exercises on weekly basis



Monika is an amazing Pilates instructor! She teaches individual and small group classes and is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to knowing which exercises to recommend. Monika focuses on each client by tailoring the workout to his or her needs and areas of focus. She has helped me gain core strength, become more flexible, and improve my overall balance - all of which have really helped my running. Monika has great energy and enthusiasm, which is not only inspiring…but contagious. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Claire S, Running Mum of 3, Guildford

I love the strengthening element to Monika's training. Each class is so different, keeping the sessions interesting and challenging. I have been practicing Pilates for a while and find Monika's classes one of the best. Her explanation of the exercises and additional tips on alignment make me work harder. Whoever thinks Pilates is easy, is not doing it right and Monika helps you do it right.

Charlotte W,  Busy Mum of 2, Twickenham

I love Monika's Pilates class. It is the one I have stuck with after years of trying Pilates on and off. The classes are always interesting, varied and challenging with just the right amount of fun and humour to keep us going. I come away each week feeling invigorated.  After several months of attending her Zoom class, I can really notice a difference in how my body feels and even found the confidence to go running again, after having two kids!

Clare M, Yoga Loving Mum of 2, Bristol


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