Pilates can benefit anyone, at any age and life stage, but below are some examples of clients I particularly love working with.



The repetitive stress that most sports put on lower or upper body, highlight weaknesses and imbalance in the body. Pilates with its repertoire of strengthening and stretching through full range of movement is a perfect cross training and rehabilitation option for sports people.

Pilates improves flexibility in all major muscles groups that are prone to tightness: hip flexors, piriformis, quadriceps, hamstrings, ITB, calf/Achilles, rotator cuff and back extensors - helping you perform better and do more of the sport you love.

Pilates strengthens the core, improves posture and dynamic trunk rotation, all which are important in maximizing efficiency in running and playing golf. A strong running style relies on upright posture and limited trunk rotation. Golf requires muscular strength, joint flexibility, neuromuscular training and the perfect balance between mobility and stability. All of these are achieved in regular Pilates practice.

Pilates trains the use of the diaphragm and lungs effectively by working with breath and control while exercising. Controlling your breath helps with managing heart rate, allowing you to run or ride longer at lower intensity.

The mind-body aspect of Pilates can be of great use is any sport too. Concentration, control, body awareness are all valuable tools when training and competing.


As we get older, our bodies change and often cannot tolerate the strain and load caused by high impact exercise.

But we want to stay active, strong and flexible. What we need is a strengthening and conditioning program which helps with functional movements and makes us feel longer, stronger and more toned. Regular Pilates practice will give you just that.

Pilates is a great way to get your body ready for more high impact exercise if you are coming back to exercise after having children.

It helps to strengthen the pelvic floor and core, which includes both abdominal and back muscles, and leads to better posture and less back and neck pain so common in new mums.

We also work on strengthening and stretching hips, glutes and upper body for a full body workout and it is guaranteed you will break some sweat in more dynamic routines. 


Pilates being low impact exercise method is a great way to stay fit when you are older and your joints are not keen on pounding the concrete. Research proves that strength training is beneficial for increasing bone density. Pilates exercises include a lot of functional movement which trains your body to engage correct muscle groups when performing specific movements. It helps with your balance and posture, keeping you feeling energized and your mind stimulated.



What Clients Are Saying

I love Monika's Pilates class. It is the one I have stuck with after years of trying Pilates on and off. The classes are always interesting, varied and challenging with just the right amount of fun and humour to keep us going. I come away each week feeling invigorated.  After several months of attending her Zoom class, I can really notice a difference in how my body feels and even found the confidence to go running again, after having two kids!

Clare M.
Yoga Loving Mum of 2, Bristol

I was completely new to Pilates, when I started classes with Monika. I feel stronger and more flexible after every class and really enjoy getting to know my body again after a long break from any exercise on account of looking after two small kids. Another thing I noticed is how well I sleep after each class.

Gill T.
Busy Mum of 2, Twickenham


Bookham, Surrey


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