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Certified Mat Pilates Teacher

I am a Surrey based Pilates teacher, keen runner and mum of two young boys.

I first came across Pilates over ten years ago, but unable to find any local classes, I focused on regular yoga practice to balance a mix of different cardio and strengthening workouts.

With age and two young boys later, I started experiencing more injuries from high impact exercise and being hypermobile has made me realise the importance of strengthening the muscles around main joints. I have rediscovered Pilates and never looked back. It proved the perfect type of exercise, combining strengthening and conditioning of the body with improving joint flexibility and range of movement. Better still, it has really challenged me mentally in a way no other type of exercise had done in the past.

I decided to take a break from my corporate career and train with BASI Pilates UK.  Being a teacher means never stop learning. I am trained and certified in prenatal and postnatal Pilates and currently undertaking reformer training.

I am a member of REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals), CIMPSA (Chartered Institute for Management of Sport and Physical Activity) and have a valid First Aid Certificate.



There are many Pilates schools and styles. They all have their place in the Pilates community and are suited for different types of people. The method I trained is very close to classical Pilates, so full versions of the exercises are pretty athletic and require a good amount of stamina.  But my school also emphasized teaching the person in front of you, so I modify the exercises according to individual, trying to target areas of specific importance and at an appropriate level. More advanced classes are designed to provide full body workout and raise your heartbeat enough to break a sweat. I include a lot of stretching throughout the session to minimise soreness post workout. I use small equipment like resistance bands, mini balls, foam roller, small weights, as well as some everyday props like chairs, belts, scarfs. We use these to give the body much needed feedback which leads to increased body awareness. I want my clients to discover the connection with their bodies and enjoy the benefits Pilates practice brings, so they can feel stronger, longer, leaner and pain free.


Bookham, Surrey


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